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Internally, (X)MedCon uses a dimension layout similar to the Analyze (SPM) format: an array dim[8] with a limited number of possible dimensions, linked by nested for-loops:

 for ( energy_windows    < dim[7] )
 for ( detector_heads  < dim[6] )
 for ( R-R intervals < dim[5] )
 for ( time_slots  < dim[4] )
 for ( slices    < dim[3] )
   /* do something on each stored image */

This results in two major limitations:

  • the maximum number of volume dimensions = five.
    Note that for GATED TOMO in DICOM, six dimensions are needed. However, the number of rotations must be equal to one.
  • only symmetric files allowed. Each dimension requires an equal amount of images.
    (X)MedCon dislikes any embedded (stupid) preview slices. Asymmetric volume files will be stored as one-dimensional; issued with a warning.

And did we mention it yet? This layout is core stuff for the library.

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