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This isn't a medical image format either but included here as a replacement for the patent burdened Gif format. The format does require the libpng library being installed on your system. Although it will read most files, internally we only work with a 256 indexed palette. And to simplify things further, no exotic features like alpha channels or interlacing is supported. Contrary to GIF, this is a single image format. So writing a volume to PNG will result in separate files for each image slice. Just to know, we do include patient/scan info in a comment chunck.
Format: PNG  
Color Map256 indexed palette, (RGB & alpha)-
File Endianbiglittle
Pixel TypesUint8, (unsigned 1bit to 16bit)any other integers, float, double
Scaling Factorsquantify & calibrate factors per image are NOT supported
Dimensions / Imagedifferent dimensions for each image are supported
Pixel Types / Imagedifferent pixeltypes for each image are NOT supported

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