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This is the most important menu in XMedCon, because it tells the program how to handle the reading or writing of image files.
Selectable tabs are: Pixels, Files, Slices, Formats, Mosaic:

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Flip - Sorting

flip horizontal or [-fh] (r)

Flip images horizontal along the X-axis.

flip vertical or [-fv] (r)

Flip images vertical along the Y-axis.

reverse slices or [-rs] (r)

Reverse slices along the Z-axis.

cine sorting: apply or [-cs] (r)

Do a kind of cine sorting of slices.
Cine sort is done as follows: 1st image of each time frame, 2nd image of each time frame, 3rd image and so on ... packed in the original gated SPECT frames layout.

cine sorting: undo or [-cu] (r)

Undo a selected cine sorting of slices.

NOTE: Parameters such as patient orientation are not changed.


keep dimensions (default) (r)

The default option doesn't alter image matrices.

make square (largest dimension) or [-sqr] (r)

Make image matrices square, using the largest dimension found.

make square (nearest power of two) or [-sqr2] (r)

Make image matrices square, using the nearest power of two (in the range 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024).


  1. Dimensions are squared by simply padding the images with the lowest pixel value. There are different modes supported as shown in the Padding tab.
  2. These operations can not be undone. Just reread the original file in case you need to.


True color (24-bits) is now the default color mode, unless ...

simply remap to gray scale or [-g] (r)

Remap color files into an 8-bit indexed grayscale.

force indexed colormap (8-bit) or [-8] (r)

Remap true color to an 8-bit indexed colormap

reduce color by dithering or [-dith] (r)

Use dithering to improve quality of color reduction.


symmetrical around images or [-pad] (rw)

Extra pixels equally padded around the image.

before first row and column or [-padtl] (rw)

Padding starts in the top-left corner.

after last row and column or [-padbr] (rw)

Padding starts at the bottom-right corner.
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