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This is the most important menu in XMedCon, because it tells the program how to handle the reading or writing of image files.
Selectable tabs are: Pixels, Files, Slices, Formats, Mosaic:

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Endian Type

writing LITTLE endian or [-little] (w)

Radiobutton to force writing of LITTLE endian files.

writing BIG endian or [-big] (w)

Radiobutton to force writing of BIG endian files.

Fallback Read Format

without fallback or [-fb-none] (r)

Radiobutton to disable any fallback read format.

Analyze (SPM) or [-fb-anlz] (r)

Radiobutton to use Analyze as fallback format.

DICOM 3.0 or [-fb-dicom] (r)

Radiobutton to use as fallback format. Autodetect fails for DICOM files without metaheader (implicit).

Concorde/ÁPET or [-fb-conc] (r)

Radiobutton to use Concorde/ÁPET as fallback format.

ECAT 6.4 or [-fb-ecat] (r)

Radiobutton to use ECAT as fallback format. Autodetect fails for ECAT; files not from our local site. (Please, read the REMARKS file)

The above options are useful for reading formats where no signature is known or defined so autodetection will fail. Forcing the wrong format upon a reader can cause serious braindamage ...

File Names

alias with patient/study id's or [-alias] (w)

Toggle button to enable alias filenames. The new basename will be of the form:
with the latter three id's applied when original format is DICOM or Acr/Nema.

disable numbered prefix or [-noprefix] (w)

Toggle button to disable the numbered prefix.

HINT: combination of both options, allows to create human readable and alphabetically sorted files from DICOM or Acr/Name multiple file volumes.

Split Output

none, keep volume in one file (default) (w)

The default, entire volume written in one file.

split over each frame group or [-split4d] (w)

Number of files written, equals the number of time frame groups. (splitframes)

split over each image slice or [-split3d] (w)

Number of files written equals the total number of images. (splitslices)

The latter option is valuable to convert a static InterFile into DICOM, preserving the specific static information from each image.

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