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[Options|Colormap|Colors] or [Options|Colormap|Place]


Two subsequent menus Colors or Place, related to the colormap either used for display or positioned in the Viewer Window. The two subsequent menus are: Colors or Place



This dialog pops up after selection from the Menu Window or by left clicking on the colormap in the Viewer Window.

Color Map

Gray Normal

Radiobutton to select a normal grayscale palettte

Gray Invers

Radiobutton to select an inverted grayscale palettte


Radiobutton to select a rainbow palette


Radiobutton to select a combined palette (gray+rainbow)


Radiobutton to select a hotmetal palette

LUT Loaded

Radiobutton to load an external LUT color scheme. Apply this and you will be asked to open a new LUT with the file selection window. The tables are looked for in the path set by the $XMEDCONLUT environment variable or the etc directory within the main installation directory.
The simple LUT file format: (with a constant total size of 768 bytes)
                      256 x Red   byte values
                      256 x Green byte values
                      256 x Blue  byte values
Actually, any file will be read without checking the size. So, you're Looking for some really weird colors?
And there is more, you can now convert any GIMP gradient to (X)MedCon's used lookup table as mentioned here?.


Button to commit the selections. The images will be redisplayed.


Button to abort the selections.

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Selected from the Main Window or by right-clicking on the colormap in the Viewer Window. Here you can select the placement of the colormap.


Left side

Radiobutton to place the colormap at the left side of the images.

Right side

Radiobutton to place the colormap at the right side of the images.


Button to commit the selection.


Button to cancel the selection.

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