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By default, (X)MedCon works in its most simplest setting, without support for quantitation nor negatives. Although both can be enabled by the user, in this mode all negative values are set to zero. An image that seems to have lost a lot of pixel information, is probably the result of the elimination of negative values.

  • supported formats
The program can not see whether negative pixel values are important. This is for the user to figure out. To preserve negative values, please use the following settings:
cli: use the -n option
gui: see Options || MedCon || Pixels.
  • interactive reading (RAW images)
When reading unsupported image matrices, the program will change its default behaviour by:
- disabling any quantitation (since there is none to be done)
+ enabling support for negative pixel values
Ofcourse, the user will be notified of these changes in settings.

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