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The program title (X)MedCon stands for Medical Image Conversion and is released under the GNU's (L)GPL license. It bundles the C sourcecode, a library, a flexible command-line utility and a graphical front-end based on the amazing Gtk+ toolkit. Its main purpose is image conversion and this in particular for reconstructed nuclear medicine images. The supported formats are:

Acr/Nema 2.0Read + WritePapyrus alike ...
Analyze (SPM)Read + WriteBasically for the use in the SPM utility
Concorde ÁPETRead + WriteAnimal PET format (A. Loening)
DICOM 3.0Read + WriteLib (T. Voet), Mosaic (R. M. Rutschmann), RLE & LJPG (B. Jaslet)
CTI ECAT 6/7Read + Write(6)Proprietary PET format
GIF87a/89aRead + WriteWell-known format in desktop utilities
InterFile 3.3Read + WriteRemarkable with editable text header
INW (RUG)Read + WriteForgotten locally used format
PNGRead + WriteA GIF replacement (separate files)

Ofcourse, the utility offers some extra features too:

  • - printout header information or pixel values
  • - extract, reverse, flip or square image matrices
  • - read raw image arrays from unsupported formats
  • - hack files with Acr/Nema tags
  • - read gzipped or compressed files directly
  • - simple reslice into transverse, sagittal or coronal view
  • - select output file endian
  • - alter patient, modality, dimension and orientation specifications

Because (X)Medcon is dealing with medical image formats in particular it also tries to preserve medical information such as:

  • - patient/slice orientation
  • - pixel/slice (voxel) sizes
  • - slice separation
  • - patient/study information
  • - negatives, quantitation

We do not claim (X)MedCon to be perfect in its goal, but it is at least freely available for your use and abuse. However, without any warranty. Enjoy it ...

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