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(X)MedCon tries to preserve pixel values even for conversions to a new type. If the original values fit inside the new type's range, a simple cast assignment is done. See for the rescaling functions in the source code file m-algori.c:

MdcMakeBIT8_U(), MdcMakeBIT16_S(), MdcMakeBIT32_S() and MdcMakeFLT32()

This value preservation is not used while creating an 8-bit image buffer for the display pixmaps. The display rule is: max value = 255 (white), min value = 0 (black) and everything else in between. This is done in the separate MdcGetDisplBIT8_U() function which temporarily disables the MDC_ALLOW_CAST static variable in m-algori.c.

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