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To clear out any misconception: this is not a medical image format. It is only included as link to most desktop image processing utilities. In our early days we didn't know about Gtk+. All we had was the notorious XV to display our test conversions. Too bad Unisys patented that LZW compression. If you don't like this, go for the PNG We must remind you of the fact that (X)MedCon saves patient/study information inside a comment block which doesn't make it as anonymous as you might think.
Long before all this ... I learned image conversion in C from two excellent books (msdos environment):Bitmapped Graphics" and its successor:

"Supercharged Bitmapped Graphics" written by Steve Rimmer
published by Windcrest(r)/McGraw-Hill
ISBN: 0-8306-3788-5

Do you still have a 1MB Trident 8900 SVGA card available?
Format: GIF89a  
Color Map256 indexed palette-
File Endianlittlebig
Pixel TypesUint8any other integers, float, double
Scaling Factorsquantify & calibrate factors / image are NOT supported
Dimensions / Imagedifferent dimensions for each image are supported
Pixel Types / Imagedifferent pixeltypes for each image are NOT supported

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