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[File|Open Raw|Predefined] or [File|Open Raw|Interactive]


The predefined menu item will read a raw unsupported file directly, using the current settings available. These settings are either from a previously interactive read or from a currently loaded raw predef input file. See also "File|Raw Predef Load".

With the interactive item you can attempt to read unsupported formats without compression. It allows you to supply information about header and image layout, needed to extract the images from the file. Note that this will override any loaded predefined properties. After the file selection dialog you will be asked to enter some header information:

Fig.: Open Raw - Input Header Info

Total number of images

Entry to give the number of images to read.

General header offset (bytes)

Entry to give the size in bytes of a global header structure that needs to be skipped once at the beginning.

Image header offset (bytes)

Entry to give the size in bytes of a header structure to be skipped before the image data.

Repeated image header (true/false)

Toggle button: the above image header is repeated before each image.

Swap pixel bytes (true/false)

Toggle button: wether the bytes of pixels need to be swapped. (pixelendian <> hostendian)

Identical images (true/false)

Toggle button: the dimensions and pixeltypes are identical for all the images.


Button to continue...


Button to cancel

After giving the header structure, you will be prompted to supply the image structure.

Fig.: Open Raw - Input Image Info

Offset in Bytes

Give an absolute offset in bytes to the image data. This ofcourse overrules all previous defined offsets.


Entry for WIDTH (X) dimension.


Entry for HEIGHT (Y) dimension.


Radiobutton to select pixeltype.


Button to select next image.


After all input, begin the reading sequence ...


Cancel the whole procedure.

When the images are not identical, you will see this kind of dialog with a Next button until the structure of the last image was given. At the end you will see the Finish button which will initiate the reading procedure. In case all images are identical, the image structure must be given only once.

After a successfull attempt, you can always save your settings for later purposes. More information can be found on the Raw Predef Load & Save documentation.

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