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[File|Open] or [File|Save] or [File|Save As]


For opening (= reading) a file, you must select the header in case the format has separate files for header and image. The program will try to detect the format. If the format was not found, then DICOM will be used (in order to read files without MetaHeader signature) unless you specified another read fallback format (see Options|MedCon). As a last resort you can always try the [Open Raw] utility ...

For saving (= writing) a file or the extracted images, you have a choice between the supported formats. Saving to RAW binary (resp. ASCII) simply writes the image arrays in one file without any header and with the original pixeltype in hostendian format (resp. ASCII).

Fig.: File selection dialog (save)

The file selection dialog box looks similar for opening or saving files, except when saving there are three buttons extra: <Format>, Alias Name & Default Name.



Selection field with a list of subdirs.


Selection field with a list of files.

Create Dir

Button to create a new directory.

Delete File

Button to delete the selected file.

Rename File

Button to rename the selected file.


Popup menu to select a parent directory.


Popup menu to select the resulting format. The proper extension is automatically added to the filename. (Note: in SAVE fileselection only)

Alias Name

Button to set filename based on patient and study ID's. (Note: in SAVE fileselection only)

Default Name

Button to recall the default name MedCon has created for you. (Note: in SAVE fileselection only)


Entry to specify the filename.


Button to accept the selection. The previously opened file will be closed!


Button to cancel selection.

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