Linux - MacOSX - Win32

By Roland Marcus Rutschmann
Inst. fuer Kognitionsforschung, Univ. Oldenburg

The mtf file is an original invention of Krish Sings mri3dX. It describes the orientation of the slices in the scanner. The following necessary tools are made available: (shift-click to retrieve)

Please note that "mdc_create_mtf" is meant for specific files with vendor specific tags from group 0x0021 with elements 0x1120, 0x1160, 0x1161, 0x116a and 0x116b.

For SPM I do the following:

  • create an Analyze (SPM) 3d.img 3d.hdr (see how to stack DICOM series)
  • create a 3d.mtf file of the first file of the stack
    $> mdc_create_mtf file1-of-stack 3d.mtf
  • create the functional series eg. p1_000.img .. p1_100.img
  • create the mtf for the first functional file (with the first slice)
    $> mdc_create_mtf 1st_functional_file p1_000.mtf
  • start matlab
    >> gen_spm_mat('3d','p1_000')

Now you should have a 3d.mat file (but no p1_000.mat)

  • start SPM and do "Check reg."

If 3d.img and p1_000.img have about the same orientation, great. If not, try the last step with gen_rev_spm_mat (where the imaging sequence started; we only needed this for older files) If it works: great it saves a lot of work for me. If it doesn't work: Sorry this is a dirty hack but maybe you're inspired for your own dirty hack.

Good luck and have fun.


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